Thank you for completing my geoquiz!

Here are the answers:
1. True. Close Encounters of an Animal Kind details a three-day canoe trip there as well as adventures in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana.

2. Maine. Read about its beauty as well as a tall ship cruise along its coast on a 100 year-old schooner in The Maine Line.

3. Baja. Tecate, near the California/Mexico border is not only known for its beer, but also for a fashionable spa, Rancho La Puerta.  To Spa With Love records a week of mother-daughter bonding.

4. Bonaire. Pain in Paradise chronicles the activities on this delightful island and how each one of them left their mark on Bobbi's body.

5. True. Sydney, Australia. The Aussies have their own way of doing things.  They have their own way of speaking as well.  Sydney, its lingo and its environs are discussed in Sydney, My Kind of Town.

6. Saba. Landing on this runway is not for the faint at heart.  The island is basically a five square-mile mountain.  Read about it in The Caribbean Rock.

7. Everglades.  Pre-condo Florida will tell you all about the park and its winged inhabitants, the original Florida snowbirds.

8. Big breasts. The French trappers were obviously out in the wilderness too long when they spotted them.  Those Granite Giants at Grand Tetons make a great story.

9. False. Yellowstone. The Nation's Hot Spot, tells about the area where nature gets steamed up and where you'll find deer and antelope at play.

10. Panama. In A Canal Runs Through It, Bobbi shares her Panamanian experiences exploring the country including three days with the Kuna Indians on the San Blas Islands.

11. Morocco.  Spending time with the Berbers in the High Atlas Mountains, exploring southern Morocco and the Imperial Cities are experiences recorded in Mosaics of Morocco.

12. Crater Lake in Oregon.  Big Blue  speaks of how the lake was formed, its mythology and its spectacle.  Besides Crater Lake, Oregon has lots of culture and a captivating coastline as is recorded in Coasts, Culture and a Crater.

13. Nepal. Fanastic Journey explores its mountains, river and jungles by foot, raft and elephant.

14. Newfoundland.  Dr. Peter Beamish, a cetalogist in Trinity, Newfoundland, communicates with whales. It's a Fluke tells of close encounters with these gentle giants including how some of Beamish's friends went out in a zodiac to serenade the whales with their tubas.

15. Belize. Having been there a half-dozen times, the Sotonoff family can attest to the fact the laid back Ambergris Caye, Belize ( the setting for the TV series), is Temptation No! Island Yes!

16.  West Virginia.  A bunker the size of two football fields remained undetected under a posh Greenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs for 30 years.  Get the skinny on it in Places with a Past or find out about what the state has to offer in West Virginia- The Big Surprise.

17.  Australia in Arnhemland, Northern Territories.  In A Land that Time Forgot, you'll meet the wilds things and Max Davidson, owner Davidson's Mount Borradaile Safari Camp.

18. Maryland and Pennsylvania.  First came the buffalo, then the Nemocolin Indians followed; the army pursued the Indians, followed by the traders and pioneers. Amercia's First Route One tells of it then and now.

19. New Zealand.  Many consider it the most beautiful walk in the world.  Ups and Downs details the beauty, adventure, instant camaraderie and fun that is part of the climbing, suspended bridges and the quest to keep the kia birds from stealing your lunch or destroying your boots.

20. Fiji. A hotfoot is nothing out of the ordinary here, neither is fabulous undersea life.  When you leave, your Fijian Fantasies linger.

21. St. Thomas. In Discover the Virgins you will find a lot more than Blackbeard's Castle and Rolex watches.  You will learn that St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John's has a lot to offer.

22. False. The Philippines. On one of its islands, Bohol, there are faith healers able to make eggs stand on end. Pearls of the Pacific speaks of them and other adventures in Samar, Lyete and Cebu.

23. Nebraska.  The avian wing-ding, from early March to mid-April, has been going on for thousands, maybe millions, of years on an 80-mile stretch of the Platte River near Grand Island.  Read about the partying, eating, drinking, dancing and carousing of our feathered friends plus find a whole more in Nebraska: It's Not Strictly for the Birds.

24. Crete. Yes, its true that if you are the son of Zeus, as King Minos purportedly was, you can do whatever you want -- even get the manpower and funds to built a four-acre, pillared palace like Knossós. Rocks, Rolls and Ruins tells of exploring, kayaking and hiking trip through the southwest section of Crete.

25. Chicago. The 1955 Mickey D's with its fifties music, memorabilia, photos and advertising that fill its interior, is located just northwest of Chicago in Des Plaines. If you want to know Chicago, just ask Bobbi.  She is always exploring her hometown.