Bobbi's Biography   

Roberta Sotonoff is a travel junkie who writes to support her habit.  More than 75 domestic and international newspapers, magazines, on-line sites and guidebooks have published her work. Usually, she can be found anywhere - in a plane feasting on pretzels, in the water exploring the deep, or on the ground chained to her computer. She also spends a lot of time destroying her body while doing things like swinging from jungle canopies and stumbling up and down mountains.  

For over two decades, she has written about a variety of travel destinations, but her specialties are ecotourism, health spas, and soft adventure.  Bobbi has done book reviews as well asCaricature by Broughton Quarterly for Bobbi's article, "Her Windy City."  Click here and then scroll to pp. 22-23. business and humor features.  She is contemplating compiling her humor features into a book, which her older daughter has titled, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Asylum.

One of her favorite destinations is her hometown, Chicago, but she travels extensively.  When she travels with her husband, Lou, she gathers information while he does the photography and carries the luggage.

Before this life, Bobbi worked in the family business.  Lou, who is a pharmacist by profession, ran the store while she ran the business.  Bobbi and Lou also have two daughters, Jamie and Caryn,  and son-in-law, Joe, plus four grandchildren, Annie, JJ., Sam, and Levi.

Bobbi also lectures on travel and is a member of the following professional organizations: The Society of American Travel Writers, the Midwest Journalist Association, and the Travelers' Century Club.

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